Thursday, December 2, 2010

children going to school.

“In shore article he talks about how school should be focusing on socialization of the students in the classroom. And that it is good for them to participate because otherwise they become withdrawn.”
This was what Ann Marie’s argument on our last article that we had to read.
When she said this I thought of my friend Amanda. She’s 19 years old with a three year old and a nine month old. She lives on her own because he fiancé died in a tragic car accident before he met his youngest daughter. As her and I became closer it was talk about how she doesn’t want to send her oldest son to school. I asked why and she said she wasn’t ready. As time passed I saw more and more he really needed to go to school. His social skills were lacking with kids his own age. He was always open when I was around or other friends of Amanda’s friends. My hope is that she sends her oldest to school next year but I know it will take time.

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  1. yes, social skills are a HUGE part of the educational process. i hope he goes to school, too!